Golf Gift Ideas

It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for a golfer, thrillgolf. especially if you are not a golfer yourself. Here are some gift ideas that will make any golfer happy. Oh, and if you are a golfer, you might want to print this list and put it in a conspicuous place to give a hint about an item you would like to receive.


  • Golf magazine subscription ($12 for a 1-year subscription). A golf magazine subscription is something every golfer will enjoy. Golf magazines provide news about the sport, game improvement tips, golf destination reviews, equipment reviews, interviews with professional golfers, and other useful and interesting information.
  • Laser rangefinder ($250 and up). A laser rangefinder provides the golfer with the distance to the flag and other objects. This helps them decide on which club to use for the shot. Some rangefinders will provide only “straight line” distance, while more expensive models will include elevation change in the calculation to give a more accurate distance computation.
  • Hand-held GPS ($250 and up). A hand-held GPS provides the golfer with a layout of each hole on the golf course, and gives the distance to the green and major hazards on the golf course. Some GPS systems require a subscription or membership to access their database of courses.
  • Golf umbrella ($20 – $30).  There’s nothing better than a good solid golf umbrella when you’re on the 4th fairway and the skies open up. A vented “gust-buster” umbrella will withstand high winds. It is also useful for activities off the golf course, like walking the dog, or visiting the mailbox in the rain.
  • Rain hat ($10 – $20). Get a rain hat that will roll up and fit easily into a golf bag. This is another item that will come in handy for activities off the golf course.
  • Golf balls ($20 – $40 per dozen). Every golfer needs golf balls. The only question is which brand and model they like to use. Take a look in your golfer’s golf bag to get an idea of what they like to play, and your gift will be well-appreciated. You can also order personalized golf balls with the golfer’s initials or name, and you can get golf balls with logos of colleges, sports teams, golf courses, etc.
  • Golf cart seat cover ($20 – $45). Here’s a unique gift for golfers who use a powered golf cart when they play. The golf cart seat cover will add comfort on cold days when vinyl golf cart seats rob heat from the golfer’s backside, and on hot days when the vinyl gets sticky on the back of their legs. If you are a handy with a sewing machine, thrillgolf you can also make one using a large, thick beach towel. Just visit a local golf course, and measure the distance between, and the length of the seat handles. Then cut two holes in the towel and finish the holes with the sewing machine. The cover will fit over the handles and can be tucked under the seat to keep it in place.
  • Hand warmers ($30 for a box of 40). If your golfer plays in colder weather this is a nice gift to ward off the cold and keep hands flexible.
  • Ball markers ($5 – $10). A ball marker is used to mark the position of the golf ball on the green when the golfers want to pick the ball up to clean it or get it out of the way of another golfer. Ball markers can be various designs and sizes. Some are magnetic and come with a clip to attach to the bill of a cap, or a belt. Some golfers like to use a unique coin to mark their golf ball.
  • Pitch mark repair tool ($5 – $15). A pitch mark repair tool is used to fix the mark made by a golf ball hitting the green. Pitch mark tools may also come with a magnetic ball marker. You can get them with college and sport team logos and other designs.
  • Ball retriever ($20 – $30). A ball retriever is used to recover a golf ball that is hit into the water. There are various designs, but most are telescoping to fit in the side pocket of a golf bag. Some are sturdier than others and the length and weight can vary significantly.
  • Golf towel ($8 – $14). A golf towel is generally the size of a hand towel and it has a grommet on one corner to clip it to a golf bag. You can get then with various logos and designs.
  • Golf tees ($5 for 50 tees). All golfers will appreciate a supply of golf tees. You can buy a bag of 50 tees for $5. Longer tees (over 3 inches in length) can be used for virtually all tee shots, whereas shorter tees have some limitations for use. You may want to look in the golfer’s golf bag to see if there are any particular sizes or styles of tee they like to use, but generally plain or white, wood tees will do just fine.
  • Golf club labels ($10 for 20). Golf club labels have the golfer’s name, address and phone number printed on them. They are about the size of an address label and are affixed to the shaft of the golf club. thrillgolf If a golf club is accidentally left on the golf course, it can be returned to its owner.
  • Golf club head covers ($25 – $30 each). A golf club head cover is used to protect the head of the golf club from damage caused by banging against other clubs in the bag. Generally, they are used only for the driver, fairway metals and hybrid clubs because these are the largest and most expensive clubs. The heads of these clubs are also hollow which makes them more susceptible to damage. If your golfer has a favorite professional or college sports team, a nice head cover with the team’s logo will be cherished for years. They also make fun club head covers that


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