Winter Golf Marketing – How to Market Your Golf Club in the Snow

So what if it is winter and there is a foot of snow on the ground! What are you doing to market your course? How are you staying connected with your customers? How are you keeping your name at the top of their minds inching for that glorious day in Spring when they tee it up? You aren’t just waiting for the snow to melt, Business plan writer Vancouver the rain to stop or the temperature to rise are you?

Smart operators know that the winter months are an excellent time to build your database for spring. They also know that both internet use and direct mail response increases dramatically in the winter! Why? Because people have nothing better to do, most of the NFL games are over and TV is in re-run mode. Now is the time to STRIKE with contests, free downloads, fantasy golf games, surveys, tips, in fact, anything you can do to continue a dialog with your customers and potential customers.

Ten Things You can do to Improve Your Golf Marketing in the Snow


  1. Run a contest on your website. Post winners of all your previous contests.
  2. Do a mailing to your in-house list to gather data and clean up your mailing list to save money in the future.
  3. Run a survey on line and by mail to learn more about your customers.
  4. Tele-market local companies and charities to book outings as you know many book months in advance.
  5. Call every member and wish them a Happy New Year, answering machines are fine, it’s the thought that counts!
  6. Improve your website and pre-program all of your events into your e-mail blast program now while it’s slow, so they go out automatically when it’s busy later in the year!
  7. Buy a virtual golf machine and give lessons all winter!
  8. Attend the Chamber of Commerce meetings you always mean to go to and make some new friends, the type that hold banquets, more info please tournaments and buy corporate memberships.
  9. Use the Winter to enhance or make new strategic partnerships. The local driving range, golf shop or non competing golf club across town. Ask yourself who wants to reach your customers? And what can they do for you in return?
  10. Gather your key staff and do some SALES training! Nothing pays of faster.



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