Review of Nationwide Auto Insurance Company

Nationwide Car Insurance Company is the sixth largest automobile insurer based on the total number of premiums written by this company. The auto insurance company is just one of many types of companies provided by the Nationwide Corporation. They also have a large financial services network.

Nationwide auto insurance is similar to most major auto insurance companies as they offer their customers a large variety of auto, property and personal coverage options to choose from when they are selecting their insurance policy.

Nationwide auto insurance offers general liability coverage in the area of bodily injury protection. This type of coverage will cover bodily injury to other parties involved in an accident where you are at fault. The medical expenses coverage that this auto insurance company offers covers any medical expense you may incur in an accident no matter if you are at fault or the other party is at fault. Nationwide also offer income coverage to help pay for lost wages whenever you are forced to miss work due to auto accident related injuries.

The comprehensive and collision coverage options provided by this company in the area of property damage will repair or replace your vehicle when you are involved in an accident with another auto that does not carry insurance or when your auto incurs damage from accidents other than with another auto. These would include damage caused by falling rocks, tree limbs, items that have fallen off a truck and are unavoidable by your vehicle, etc.

Nationwide also offers options for coverage for towing and roadside labor when you need assistance unexpectedly for things such as tire changes when you don’t have a jack, battery jumps if your auto suddenly dies and there is no one around to assist you, and also for a locksmith when you inadvertently lock yourself out of your car and you don’t have an extra key. The cost for this type of coverage is usually minimal and can save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Another type of coverage that Nationwide offers is auto rental when your auto is in the shop being repaired for damage caused by an auto accident. If you’ve ever rented an auto you know that this coverage can save you hundreds of dollars. It can also provide you with peace of mind knowing that if you are in an accident and you auto is not drivable you will still be able to get to work, take your children to school, etc.

There are also many types of discounts offered by Nationwide. Some of these are multi-car insurance, good driving record and years of driving experience. Another factor would be if you also selected Nationwide for one of their other types of insurance such as insurance covering your residence or life insurance.

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