Does Outside Ambient Temperature Effect The Human Brain’s Choices of Dream Types?

A few weeks ago, there was a very interesting research report on sleep by a major University neuroscience department. It was interesting because it indicated that people who are too hot when they sleep don’t tend to sleep as well, and therefore are more likely to go without the sleep they need. As you know sleep is very important to keep you in a positive state of mind, and for your immune system. Sleep deprivation is really bad for your health, you need the REM sleep, and you need to have your dreams.

If your brain is a little bit hotter by a degree or so then many parts of your brain do not fully shut down so you can’t sleep, and dream. Therefore it occurred to me that the ambient outside air temperature of your sleeping quarters will probably affect the type of dreams you have, as only parts of your brain will be fully shut down, or be able to stay in REM sleep for the one third of the time when you are sleeping which is required for best health.

You see, as we know different parts of the brain are generally used for different things. And whereas not everyone’s brain is formatted exactly the same, certain regions of the brain are generally geared towards certain types of thinking, learning, and motor skills. Therefore the temperature at which you sleep will very much impact how your brain defrags, for loss of a better word. Therefore, I ask the question, as I realize the researchers had people sleeping with EEGs, but I would have been interested in what types of dreams they had, and if there was any correlation.

Because I believe there is, and that there would have to be, and that it matters very much. If we could figure out the exact temperature which is best for the human body while sleeping, then we could set everyone’s room temperature to that, and save a ton of money on our national healthcare bills. As a matter of fact, fewer people would have diseases, viruses, depression, or need for so many pharmaceuticals. People would even live longer, healthier, and happier.

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