How To Build A Global Business As A Lottery Affiliate With Minimum Outlay And Full Back-Up

Let’s get this straight right from the outset, this article is not a guide to a phony get-rich-quick scheme. No, this is something much better than that. If you are interested in starting your own business from home, wherever home may be in the world, then you could not choose a more lucrative sector than the lottery business.

Did you know that the word “lottery” is the 8th most-searched-for term on Google? That alone should tell you the enormous scope of this market.

In the UK the average weekly household spend on the National Lottery is £5.37. The business outlined in this article is to sell entries in the National Lottery to people who are playing already. How wonderful is that? You’re not trying to sell them a new product they’ve never heard of, you’re not even trying to sell them a new brand of a familiar product. No, you are simply offering people a new and improved way of buying the very same product on which they already spend £5.37 per week.

But you will only be charging them £5! So by buying from you they will not only save £0.37 but will also boost their winning odds by 702%. Does this sound like the kind of product you would feel happy about selling? Then let me tell you more.

The e-Lottery from Syndicateworld has been established since 2002 and is a member of the Lotteries Council. Checking on Google won’t uncover any skeletons in the closet, its business practices are clean as a whistle – another important consideration for anyone thinking of becoming an affiliate. Mud sticks and you don’t want it to stick to you by association, so it’s always important to check out a company before committing yourself to represent it with your good name.

The e-Lottery is a syndicate for the UK Lottery with players paying £5 per week for 44 entries each in both the Wednesday and Saturday draws, i.e. 88 entries in total. The key selling feature of the syndicate is the huge boost in winning odds compared to spending £5 as a solo player and £5 as a syndicate player. Despite having to share winnings with other syndicate members, it is statistically proven that players win substantially more with the syndicate than they could ever possibly hope to win alone.

With no hidden costs and no deductions from winnings, the product certainly stacks up, making your job in selling it so much easier.

To become an affiliate costs just £4.99 per annum and for this you receive a start-up kit of promotional tips and tools and your own website address – you don’t even have the usual hosting fees associated with having your own domain. So for just £4.99 you can begin recruiting your new players and earning commission. To become an affiliate you must also play the game yourself, costing £5 per week but this is fair enough as why sell a product if you don’t believe in it yourself?!! You earn 20% commission on each player you recruit, i.e. £1 per week per player, meaning that once you recruit 5 players you have earned your own ticket stake and are playing for free.

The beauty of the commission system is that once recruited, you continue to earn your 20% commission on your players for as long as they stay in the game, week in, week out, for infinity. And better yet, if your players then go on to recruit their own players, you also earn 5% commission from them, too. And if the players’ players go on to recruit their own players, you earn 5% commission once again. This continues down a dizzying 7 levels, very much like a family tree with you at the head. Of course it never works out like this in practice but in theory, if you recruit 5 players and they go on to recruit 5 players each and those 5 do the same and so on down the line, you would end up with a millionaire annual income! From just 5 players! Needless to say, no business ever grows as such neat and tidy rates as that, but it gives you an idea of the potential.

Many affiliates looking to expand their fledgling business find that the best way is to approach their family, friends and colleagues. Normally this can be an embarrassing business if you’re selling something you’re not sure they want or need – but by only asking those people who you know play anyway, no such problems exist with this business.

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