Consider Writing a Press Release

When businesses think about marketing the first thing that comes to mind is traditional paid advertising. That is typically where you pay for space in a newspaper or magazine to display your advertisement.

However there is a better and more effective strategy that costs less, allows you to appear in dozens of newspaper and magazines, can garner you millions of impressions and adds credibility to your company that you can’t buy with a paid ad and that is press release writing and distribution.

A press release is an article about your company written by a public relations firm that is in ready-to-publish form that allows the editors of the media outlet to simply take what is written and publish it verbatim in the magazine or newspaper. In short, it is an article written by a PR professional about your company that is guaranteed to publish by dozens of newspapers and magazines.

Press release writing is usually half the cost of running a paid advertisement and will but get triple the amount of impressions a paid ad ever will because it will appear in numerous media outlets versus just one outlet as with a paid ad. For more info vist these website

A press release will pay dividends for years to come because now that we are in the digital age, what goes in print also goes on the web as well. All print publications have websites as well so an article that appears in print will appear on their website giving you double the exposure. These articles will link back to your company’s website giving you favorable status among the search engines and moving you up the search ranks.

Any Internet professional will tell you one of the secrets to search engine marketing is links back to your website from other websites and press release is a sure way to do that.

Appearing in a newspaper or magazine adds credibility to your company because people view articles as newsworthy and important because they appeared in print. You will be viewed as a reliable source of information for whatever the topic is about. Also, people will read and digest most if not all of your article capturing the important messages you weaved in the copy versus just glancing over your ad as they turn a page.

If you are considering writing a press release do not try it yourself unless you have a journalism or public relations background. Press releases are written in AP-Style, which is a form of writing only used by journalists. Any release not written in this style will be rejected by the press. Hiring a public relations firm such as PRsmart.US, will guarantee for a small cost that your press release will appear in dozens of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites and more. A public relations firm has the media contacts and relationships that also help to get your press release published.



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